Dear Annie: Red Flags?


Dear Annie,

I am new to BDSM and find myself involved with a man who is an incredibly powerful, experienced Dominant.  So much so that he refuses to be around other dominant men or anyone in the community.  He says he is too intimidating for them.  I believe him too!  After just 2 hours together he had my new collar locked on and he loves punishing me for made up reasons or no reason at all.  It is a bit of a risk even writing this, because he has told me cut off all contact with my friends and family and made me give him access to all my internet accounts and personal information (banks, credit cards).   He took my phone and only allows me to check it once a day for emergencies.  I’m loving my new life, but one of my (former) friends told me there are a lot of “red flags” in this relationship.  I don’t know what that means.  I haven’t seen any flags at all, but I am also color blind so if there are flags and they are red I am not sure I will even know.

Colorblind in Connecticut

Dear Colorblind,

Sounds perfectly normal to me.  Consider yourself lucky to have found such a great catch!

“Red flag” is a term invented by single people to try to make you feel bad about landing the man of your dreams.  As for your friends and family, it sounds like you are better off without them.

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  1. Good advice, Miss Annie. I agree. No Dominant worth the title lets a new sub have contact with the outside world. In time she may earn those privileges back.

    Just be lucky he hasn’t shoved a big red flag up your bottom. Yet.

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