Ask Annie: Confused By Poly


Dear Annie,

My Dominant claims that he is “polyamorous” but I suspect that is just a cover for him sleeping with a lot of other women.  When he first told me he said he wanted to be “really clear about it” and make sure I “completely understood.”

I thought he was trying to tell me he was a scientist, because the word sounds very scientific to me.  But now I am worried his science has led to other things.  

What should I do?

Scared in Scarsdale

Dear Scared,

It is nothing to worry about.  What you are experiencing is perfectly normal.  While you partner is spending time with other women, his pursuits are purely scientific.  They are likely only metamours.

When people are polyamorous, they only engage in things like coitusfellatio, and cunnilingus.  All very scientific and perfectly normal for polyamory.

You have nothing to worry about.

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