New Game Announced: Cards Against Subs


Provo, Alabama

DomCo has announced the latest take on the card game craze.  Following the likes of “Cards Against Humanity,” DomCo has produced “Cards Against Submissives.”

“It isn’t very complicated or really even a game,” Darren Schmidt, the 27 year old game designer said.  “We just wrote down a whole bunch of punishments and the game is that you just pick a card and do what it says.”

For example, one of cards simply reads, “Spank the submissive’s ass 25 times.”

Schmidt says the game is being marketed to “newbies” and to “dominants who lack imagination or experience.”

Kay Jones, 19, says “Yeah, it basically a bunch of cards telling the dominant to hit you with different things, but I am OK with that.  Like, really OK with it.”

For Master John Hall, 18, the game was “a real eye opener.  I never really considered doing like 25 strokes with a cane instead of 20.  It showed me a whole new world.  Did you know you can use clothespins on the nipples?  That is just pure genius.  The creativity in this game is amazing.”

Schmidt is happy that people are enjoying the game and says that an expansion pack is in the works.

“Right now we are experimenting with new ideas, like say 23 or 27 spanks instead of 25 or 30.  Really mix it up.  We are also looking into using some other stuff to hit subs with.”


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