Area Woman Who Identifies as Farabella Feels Marginalized at Pony Play Event

Cuver City, AZ
Julie “Tiny Trotter” Kaugh was excited to attend Pony Play Roundup at a North Hollywood rental soundstage last weekend. Tiny Trotter identifies as Farabella, an Argentine breed of small horse. Trotter is a statistically normal size 26 year old woman.
“It’s great to hang out with others who are into pony play or, more seriously, identify as a member of the equine community, so I was real excited to attend Pony Play Roundup,” said Kaugh. “Particularly because of the pandemic, this is the first time I was to have a bridle on in well over a year.”
But at the event, attended by more than 30 who participate in this distinct kink, Tiny Trotter received a variety of unwelcome stares and more than a few negative comments directed her way.
“I really don’t think they’ve socialized with a Farabella before,” Kaugh noted. “I was so excited for this and in the end, I justĀ felt marginalized and cast aside by those who identified as full sized ponies.”
Event organizer Sheila Jones, commented about Kaugh’s experience. “I remember her coming in and getting down on the ground. Everyone was confused. We’d never seen someone like her in our midst before and a lot of people were really put off. Even her cantor was just…odd. We try to be inclusive but at some point you just have to ask yourself, is this really the kind of people we want at our events?”
Devastated, Tiny Trotter has decided to start her own Small Pony Play group and put out feelers on kink social media website FetLife. To date she has received more than 30 replies–all from men sending photos of their penises.
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