Ask Annie: Am I A True Submissive?


Dear Annie,

I was recently approached by a Male Dominant online who sent me a very demanding and rude message.  When I responded that I was not interested he accused me of not being a “true submissive.”

It made me wonder, what if he is right?  How do I know if I am a true submissive?

Unsure in Utah

Dear Unsure,

There is really only one way to tell.  There are several online tests you can take, which will tell you what percentage “submissive” you are.  If you score above a 90%, I would say you are a “true submissive.”  You can then send anyone who disputes that cold, hard evidence to prove them wrong.

If you score less than 90%, you may want to re-consider using the label and instead use something like “wannabe” or “poseur.”

It is also an excellent and reliable test to determine your partner’s skill level.  You will probably want someone who scores at least a 75% as a “Rigger” and 80% or above in some form of “Dominance.”

There really is no better way.

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