Ask Annie: Is Kink Against My Religion?


Dear Annie,

As a church-going woman, I have been having a lot of trouble reconciling my kinky desires with my strict religious upbringing.  It seems like my religion is against doing these kinds of things, but I know that God made me this way, so I really want to fulfill His plan for me.

I tried speaking to my Priest about it, but all he said was that he really thinks my 10 year old son needs to start seeing him in private for counseling, which didn’t really help at all.

How can I feel better about keeping my religious beliefs, but also getting my kink on?

Kinky and Conflicted

Dear Conflicted,

I have consulted with number of religious scholars as well as a few Professional Dominants who do a lot of blasphemy scenes.  The consensus seems to be that if the kink is mentioned in the Bible it is fair game.

Since the Bible has a lot of foot washing, anything related to feet is acceptable.  And because of what happened to Jesus, flogging, whipping, bondage, and public humiliation are also deemed “Biblically valid.”

Also, anything that is considered as “the subjugation of women” is considered to be completely compatible with the core concept of Christian doctrine.

As as long as you are submissive, pretty much anything goes.

If you feel the need to be dominant, as long as you don’t speak or do anything in or near a church, you can probably find a passage to support whatever you are into.


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