“Stockholm Syndrome” Seminar Enters 18th Hour


Tacoma, New Mexico

Master Jethro, leader of a recent class extolling the virtues of “Stockholm Syndrome” for BDSM play and slave training has extended his two hour workshop “indefinitely.”

The class, which started off as a workshop during this year’s “Beyond Vanilla” took a surprising turn when a participant was refused permission to leave the class to visit the restroom.

According to someone familiar with the event, the doors were locked and all the participants were bound with zip ties and hooded until they “learned to accept that this was their situation and it wasn’t going to change.”

By the 12th hour, most participants had their hoods and bonds removed.  Several had made calls to family and friends insisting that they were not being held against their will and, in fact, “saw the truth of the situation and wanted to support Master Jethro in his righteous mission.”

As the seminar wore on, Master Jethro released a public statement, assuring everyone at the that members of the seminar were now part of the BLF, or Bondage Liberation Front and that they were there of their free will and no one was being detained.

Event organizers have described the seminar as a “resounding success, even if it is a little disruptive.”

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