Rope Bottoms Create Secret Group to Vet Secret Groups


Rome, Maine

As the number of secret rope groups grow, two enterprising self-described “rope receiving enthusiasts” have started a new secret rope group designed to help others choose between the dozens of other secret rope groups.

“We really felt the need to create a new group,” said RopeGirl76, one of the new group’s founders.  “With so many groups to vet rope tops, clubs, and organizations, we thought it would be a good idea to have a group to help guide people to the right group for them.”

The group, which claims to be neutral toward all rope groups rates all known secret groups along three criteria: Drama, Quality of Gossip, and How Mean They Have Been to People We Like.

“It is perfectly acceptable to tell one’s story and to speak one’s truth,” said co-found Rose Tulip, a 22 year old “person in rope,” “but when it involves people I care about or play with, then you have to be careful, because I will come at you like a spider monkey on acid.”

RopeGirl76 agreed, “We take things like consent violations very seriously, but we also protect people who we like.  When those people get accused we have to remain objective and use innuendo, gaslighting, and scapegoating to smear the accuser.”

So far the group has attracted more than 2,000 participants.


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