Slave Tearfully Confesses, “I am only 23/7”



Mary Ann Quinn, 29, recently posted her confession 2 days ago on the local group of a kinky social network service. Quinn, who for years has claimed to be living in a 24/7 Master/slave relationship, finally came clean after being caught watching TV, eating a bag of potato chips and basically, as one on looker commented “doing whatever the fuck she wanted, without her Master’s knowledge or permission” for an hour during the day.

For Quinn, the ritual of sneaking away for an hour for personal time was not part of her contractual obligation in which she pledged total obedience 24 hours a day.

“What makes it even more painful,” Mary M. Fisk, a local 19 year old told The Daily Flogger, “is that some of us really look up to her. She is a community leader. She teaches classes. Now that all feels like a lie.”

Quinn has agreed to withdraw from teaching at this year’s “Kink in Context” and will be re-evaluating her role as an educator.

“Some people just can’t walk the walk,” said Master Geo, a master from the area. “It’s sad.”

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