Man Confuses “Dominance” with “Desire to Grill Chicken”



One of the organizers of a local on Male Dominance has apparently confused several types of outdoor cooking, including BBQ and grilling, with the dynamics of a BDSM relationship.

Dom Martinez, 56, replaced the entire slate of classes for the upcoming with day-long seminars on choosing charcoal briquettes, different types of lighting fluids, techniques for measuring grill distances from coals and how to turn or “flip” a steak “without leaving those little puncture marks that forks make.”

The highlight of the conference, according to Martinez will be a three hour masterclass with him cooking four different types of meat and preparing a “special sauce.”

Reactions from the community have been mixed, depending primarily on how hungry they are.  One thing appears to be universal, that organizers have no idea how to run a BDSM conference.

“We were hoping to learn how to deepen our dynamic,” said Christy McGovern, a 30 year old woman.  “But this doesn’t appear to have anything to do with that.  At the same time, I do love some good BBQ.”



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