Dear Annie: Help with Sub Drop?


Dear Annie:

After I have a scene with my Master I get sad and a little depressed. It feels like I am lost and abandoned and I feel very alone. I often cry for no reason and get very emotional. I have just learned that this is called “sub drop” and I was hoping you could give me some advice about how to handle it?

Sad in Seattle

Hi Sad,

It appears you are confusing two different things. It is true there is something called “sub drop” but after tracking you down via your email address and seeing the life you lead and the shit hole you live in, I think you are suffering from a different problem.

Your issue isn’t drop, it is more likely the realization that at the age of 36 you are stuck in a dead end relationship with an emotionally unavailable loser who beats you and calls it BDSM. You have no money, no life, and are trapped in a cycle of low self esteem and lack of resources. You cry because you know it will only get worse and you probably will never escape it.

Most people recommend eating chocolate for sub drop. Don’t! It won’t make you feel better and it will just make you fatter.

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