TNGers Already Using “Nostalgia” To Shame Newbies



Though many have been in the lifestyle less than a year, members of the local TNG group have already started the process of shaming new members for their lack of knowledge, inexperience, and failure to have “been around when all the good stuff happened.”

Miss Tiffany, a 22 year old female dominant has been attending TNG parties for about 18 months. According to her, “these newcomers just don’t get it.  But really how could they?  Back in the day, when I was just getting started, it was the great unknown, we were all explorers and venturing into new territory.  Now, it has all been done, there isn’t anything new or interesting, so anyone coming into the scene now basically will never experience anything good.”

Master Mark, 19, agreed.  “When I was new, things were different.  It wasn’t like it is now.  Last November it was all untamed.  Now they have it easy.  Too easy if you ask me.”

Carl, 27, he leader of the TNG group is considering bringing an end to most of the signature parties for the group.  “We’ve done all the best parties and all the best themes.  What’s left?  Nothing.  Except new people who don’t really get it.  I’m not going to let them ruin all the great memories we created all last year.”

Slave Dennis wasn’t sure if he qualified as a “new person” or not.  “I’ve been around almost 8 months,” he told The Daily Flogger, “so I am kind of on the cusp.  I remember the old days, the original parties.  So I guess I really am old school.”

Photo credit: Kevin Larson CC: NC SA

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