TNG Submissive Only Follows Text Commands



Consider it for the next generation, but Angel Berkenstock, 18, says she refuses to submit to anyone who isn’t as technologically savvy as she is.

“I don’t want to submit to someone who can’t text or use a cell,” says Berkenstock, “that is just a bunch of old guys who smell like and cigars which is like gross.”

To ensure they are up to her standards, the young will only follow orders sent to her by text.

“I am considering limiting all my interactions to kik or snapchat or something new like that.  If the guy is all like what’s that then I know he isn’t the master for me.”

Initially, Berkenstock tried working with Facebook Instant Messenger, but found too many international IMs were coming in which she described as “impractical and, like, too far away.”

“Eventually,” the technosubmissive said, “someone is going to have to actually show up and spank my ass and if the guy is in Turkmenistan or something that isn’t going to work.”

According to Berkenstock, you have to keep up.  “Some guy sent me something on twitter, with the hashtag ‘spankyourass.’  Twitter is so last year and hashtagging me?  Really?”

Photo credit: Jhaymesisviphotography

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