Submissive Labeling Saves Time; Heartache



A group of dominant men have organized to help newcomers identify appropriate for their relationship style.

“Men are visual creatures,” said Master Charly Brock, 47 and leader of the group. “We don’t really pay attention to anything other than what we see. That can cause problems when a woman is attractive. We tend to overlook the warning signs that they may not be right for us.”

To solve the problem, the men have created a 100 question survey to determine “how much of a bitch the woman is” as well as “how big of a slut she is.”

Masters have taken to measuring and recording the Bitch/Slut ratio of local area and marking them accordingly to save time and potential heartache for dominant partners.

“We aren’t judging,” says Master Herbie Turlock, 43. “It is purely informational. We all have different bitch to slut ratios that we find attractive.”

Newcomer Kevin West, 23, says it has already saved him a lot of time. “I like them slutty but not too bitchy. Most of them don’t really fit that description, so I was able to not waste a lot of time on women who aren’t a good fit.”

Others, like David Timms, 32, prefer a higher bitch ratio. “I like to punish, so they need to have a real bitch side to make it work for me. Of course, you want to see at least a little slut in there.”

For the women, it saves time too. Julie Trent, 22, says “I don’t have to pretend like I’m something I am not, just to land a master. They know I am going to be a bitch going in, so there are no surprises.”

Photo credit: David Shankbone

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