Submissive Woman Teaches “Mind Reading” Class



Sofie Bork, 47, is offering a new class in her local BDSM community called “Mind Reading for the Submissive Female.”

The class, which runs less than an hour, purports to teach any how to “read the mind of their master or mistress.”

According to Bork, the formula for pleasing a male dominant is simple.  “It all comes down to one word,” she told The Daily Flogger, “blowjob.  There is almost no dispute that can’t be settled, argument resolved, or issue straightened out, simply by wrapping your lips around his cock and sucking it until he comes.”

Women, according to Bork are more complicated.  “With Dommes you just need to compliment them a lot, listen to them without interrupting, agree with everything they say and, well, a little cunnilingus never hurts.”

Bork says she dispenses her advice about men in the first 30 seconds and spends the remaining hour discussing the female dominants and masters.  “They are more complicated, but not  by much.”

Bork herself has been in a total power exchange relationship with her master for 20 years.

“I’ve lost plenty of arguments in those twenty years, but I’ve never lost a single blowjob.”

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