“Submissive Friendly” Nipple Clamps



DomCo has announced the first of its new product line created for female submissives, “Non Pinching Nipple Clamps.”  The clamps, modeled on the traditional “Japanese clover clamp” design look exactly like the real thing, but no matter how much the adjusted or pulled on, they never tighten.

LilKitty97 told The Daily Flogger, “They are really quite comfortable, they barely pinch at all!”  The product’s innovative design creates the illusion of severely compressing the skin underneath the clamps teeth, however in reality it is little more than a tender squeeze.

“It let’s the dom feel all mean and cruel and if you go along with it, he never even needs to know,” LilKitty97 explained, “I switched his regular clamps out with these and he never even noticed.  Now I beg for him not to use the clamps because they ‘hurt oh so much,'” she reported in jest.


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