Sanrio Sues Submissive over HK Cell Popping



Entertainment giant Sanrio has sued KittyLilPrincessKat for copyright infringement after her master performed a “cell popping” on her right thigh portraying the popular cartoon figure “Hello Kitty.”

The case was filed after the accused posted pictures of the cell popping on the popular BDSM and fetish website Fetlife.  Since the passing of Kunihiko Tsuji, Sanrio’s CEO, in November the global company has become much more aggressive about protecting its trademark and brand.

Lawyers for the company told The Daily Flogger that “they didn’t object to the use of Hello Kitty in cell popping, branding or tattoos.  It is just that this one is so badly done.  The bow is all crooked and one ear is bigger than the other.  If people are going to rip off Hello Kitty, we want to make sure they are doing it really well.”

“They are asking for $200,000 in damages,” KittyLilPrincessKat told reporters, “but they also said they would accept one of my kidneys as payment.  I guess I will just let Master decide.”


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