Santa Exposed as “Pretty Naughty” Himself



In a shocking announcement, Father Christmas himself has come out to the Holiday community as “pretty naughty.” In a statement released this week, Santa Claus recounted several hundred years of “bad behavior, petty jealousy, and selfishness.”

In order to rectify the situation, Santa has agreed to be punished and has selected Melanie Swift, a 24 year old top and expert flogger, to administer his discipline.

“I’ve been a naughty Santa and need the kind of discipline that Mrs. Claus just can’t provide.  I need a cute chick who is a good with a flogger to put me in my place,” said Mr. Kringle.

Swift agreed to the discipline session, but required extensive negotiations.  “I am going to be hitting Santa.  I mean, I need to make sure he has really good aftercare or I could wreck Christmas.  I am not sure I want that kind of responsibility.”

Swift had her partner attend the flogging, providing a blanket, water, some chocolate and “lots of cuddle time.”

Claus found the experience cathartic.  “I needed that,” he told The Daily Flogger, “Melanie kicks ass!”

Photo credit Chia CC: NC SA

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