“Power Slave” Creates New Line of Jars for “Master’s Balls”



The brainchild of “power slave” Ronnie Droop, 38, comes a new line of glass jars made specifically for “securely storing your master’s balls.”

Since the emergence of the “power slave” concept, there have been countless men neutered and castrated by overpowering, bossy, loud-mouth and opinionated slaves who obey when they feel like it and do whatever they like otherwise.

In the rare event that their master’s complain, most power slaves respond by castrating their partners and holding into their balls to make sure they get the things they want when they want them.

This new product enhances the life of the balls and allows them to be proudly and prominently displayed.

“I love mine,” says slave Ronnie.  “I love my master and I always obey him.  I just need him to remember who is boss sometimes.”

Photo credit: PINKÉ CC: NC

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