Rope Rigger Ego Too Big to Accommodate “Partner”



Famed local rigger Taiyo has declared himself so completely awesome in his technique and abilities that he is no longer able to find a partner “worthy of his awesomeness.”

Instead, Taiyo has started a series of classes simply titled “Taiyo” which is a three hour seminar describing things Taiyo has done or that he hopes to do. At the conclusion of the seminar, others are free and welcome to tie their partners, but must “realize nothing they do will ever approach the awesomeness of Taiyo or his spectacular rope creations.”

According to Taiyo, he has reached a point in his tying that he no longer requires rope, only the thought of rope. He is able to “tie in his own mind” and the things he creates “are better than anything anyone else ever tied.”

RopeBunny47, a 22 year old rope bottom attends the class, but finds Taiyo to be “weird, creepy, and really really full of himself.”

RopeArtist, a 22 year old aspiring rigger, describes Taiyo as “awesome man, just awesome. The things he knows are like amazing and awesome. He doesn’t even need rope he just talks and it is like he is tying. I love his stories. I tell them myself sometimes, but with me in them. Taiyo taught me that, it’s all like in the mind.”

“RopeArtist is creepy too,” RopeBunny47 told The Daily Flogger, “plus he snores. Gross.”

Photo credit: Quinn Dombrowski CC: SA

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