Research Dispels “Spanking Myth”


Annandale, Oklahoma

Researchers at the International Institute for Spanking Research have just completed a 5 year survey of the spanking community, revealing a number of surprising results, chief among them, “good girls get spanked as well as bad girls.”

The survey of more than 100,000 spanking scenes, revealed a much higher percentage of “good girl” spankings that was previously theorized.

“We were surprised,” said Dr. Martha McTavish, the team’s lead researcher.  “We have known for years that bad girls get spankings, but we never really thought that good girls might as well, until we saw a posting on Facebook.”

The post in question was a meme that simply said “Good Girls Get Spankings Too.”

“We immediately began to question how widespread the phenomenon was,” said David Kniff, a researcher at the Institute.  “We constructed a multi-variable, comprehensive survey to measure good and bad girlness and then correlated it with punishment by attitude, implement, and location.”

The results are sure to rock the spanking research community.

“Early estimates put the number around 3 to 5 percent, so to find good girl spanking as such a widespread phenomenon is forcing us to rethink a lot of our basic assumptions,” McTavish said.

Results are currently under peer review for publication.

“Somebody has been wrong about their assumptions, haven’t they Doctor?” Kniff asked McTavish, who answered by saying “Yes Sir” and immediately lowering her pants and bending over a nearby desk.

After Kniff administered a paddling to McTavish’s now reddened bottom, he told The Daily Flogger that this was definitely a “bad girl spanking” and that he is sure McTavish will be much more careful with her research assumptions moving forward.

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