Pregnant Woman has “High Hopes” for Offspring



Maureen Kowalski-O’Rourke  is just 3 weeks from giving birth and has elected to keep the baby’s status a mystery. “We know it is going to be a little girl,” she told The Daily Flogger, “but we don’t know she will be dominant or submissive.”

Master Grady O’Rourke, the child’s father, shared in his slave’s excitement.  “I’m a dominant and she is very submissive, slave wired you know, so it could go either way.  But really as long as the little nipper likes bondage and impact play, we won’t be disappointed in her BDSM orientation.”

Doctors have warned the couple that the baby could end up being vanilla.  “It’s unlikely,” Dr. Samantha McGovern, obstetrician and professional dominatrix, told the couple, “but we do see it happen from time to time.  Sometimes the kink just skips a generation.  We don’t really know why.”

Either way, Kowalski-O’Rourke says she won’t love her child any less.  “Worst case, we just have to wait for some kinky grandchildren,” she said.  “But I don’t think we have to worry.  She kicks a lot and it feels like she is wearing heels already.  I’m hoping for a little domme.”

photo credit: Kit4na cc

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