Local Slave “Disappointed in Obama’s Approach to Climate Change”



Citing the fact that “this summer has been hotter than shit,” local slave Kelly Fitz, 19, says she is “disappointed that Obama hasn’t done more to make the summer less hot.”

“We don’t even have air conditioning,” the young slave told The Daily Flogger, “so it has been really bad in our apartment, especially at night.”

The use of fans has helped with the high level of discomfort, but overall, both Fitz and her 22 year old Master are disappointed that Obama seems oblivious to their plight.

“We like to do wax play, but it is way too hot for that,” Master Zig said, “so we’ve been doing a lot of stuff with ice instead, which is fun, but not as fun as wax.”

“Thanks, Obama,” slave Kelly added.

Photo credit: K. Latham CC: NC SA

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