PornHub Producers Search For “New Niche To Decimate”



The producers behind PornHub and eight out of the ten most popular Tube sites have announced that they will be launching a new platform dedicated to kink, BDSM, and fetish.

“We found that there was still a niche where we haven’t been able to completely drive small producers into bankruptcy with pirated content,” a PornHub spokesman told The Daily Flogger. “We are hoping to flood the new site with stolen videos, pirated content, and clip that can drive all but the largest producers out of business, like we did with regular porn.”

According to media analysts, BDSM and fetish porn have occupied a “niche market” allowing them to survive longer and charge higher prices for their content.

“It was just a matter of time before they came for us too,” said Evan Kimple, a 38 year old producer of bondage porn.

“They say they will remove stolen content, but first we have to find it and then file a complaint and then wait for the pirates to respond. It just isn’t worth the effort and they make it really hard to keep your stuff safe.”

Fetish model Candy Kink, says she doesn’t think she will be able to maintain her site once the new juggernaut launches. “It is hard enough keeping members as it is, once more stuff is out there for free, I can’t imagine surviving.”

Others are more optimistic. Carl Heinz says he plans to continue to pay for his porn, but is willing to give the new site a try. “Who knows, if it is good enough maybe I will subscribe there too.”

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