Pet Play Enthusiasts Fear End of Lockdown


Evanston, Utah

For those who are into “pet play” the COVID-19 lockdown has been something of a boon.

“I am used to being left alone for most of the day when my owner is at work,” said Lewis Uroh, a 28 year old “ pup.”  For most of the day Uroh would be left in a cage, waiting for his owner’s return.

“During lockdown it has been different,” Uroh said, “since she works at home now, I get to snuggle at her feet and we can play puppy games all the time.”

Krissy Swift, a 29 year old “kitten” said she has had the same experience.  “I still knock things off the table and sit on Master’s keyboard when he is trying to work, but now I don’t have to do it as often to get his attention because he is always around.”

Angel Martinez, who engages in puppy play 24/7 says she is going to feel “very confused” if her owner goes back to work full time.  “He is home all the time now.  It is going to be a big adjustment to be left alone all day again.  I think I may have to chew up the furniture or pee on the carpet of something if he tries that.”

The owners too are feeling the pressure.

“It has been really nice to be around all the time.  I has brought our immersive pet play to a whole new level,” said Mistress Tessa, the owner of two kitten girls named “Scruffy” and “Muffy.”

“The lockdown has been hard on everyone, but I think the transition back to normal is going to be particularly challenging for those in pet-based relationships,” Dr. Junita Trazz, a BDSM-friendly and kink aware therapist cautioned.

“I think we are going to see a lot of trauma and acting out,” she warned, “even more so than normal.”

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