Man Mistakes “Poly” for 1970’s Fashion Fetish



“When they said ‘poly,’ I thought they meant polyester,” said kinkster Chris Berman, 31.  Berman was ejected from the local Poly Support Discussion Group when he revealed his fetish was not for multipartner relationships, but for dressing up in 1970s “disco” fashion and roleplaying what Berman called “better times.”

Sally Quinby, the 22 year old discussion group leader said it was the first time something like this had taken place.  “No one was sure what to say, we asked him to leave politely and he broke into some weird disco dance and started shouting ‘I’m staying alive, staying alive.’  We weren’t sure whether we should call for help or not.”

Berman left peacefully when it became clear no one in the room was familiar with 1970s music or fashion.

“They need to be more clear in their event description.  Poly can mean a lot of different things.  I am still a little surprised no one complimented me on my leisure suit.  It wasn’t easy to find.”

Photo credit: Mark Roy

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