Male Dom Group Offers Classes on Consent



A group of dominant men, calling themselves The Squires of the Den, are offering a series of workshops on consent and consent violations.

“We’ve been violating consent for years,” said Dom Jorge, one of the group’s leaders. “We have a lot to teach about how to violate consent and, most important, how to get away with it.”

Known for being the home of some of the area’s top predators, the group felt it was time to “step up” and share some of their secrets with other dominant men.

According to another member, Daddy Bobby, the group is “all about education. Within in this group we have decades of experience with unwanted touching, sexual assault, and coercion. If we don’t share what we know, pretty soon all of that knowledge will be gone.”

One of the women who frequents the dungeon known as The Den DeSade said she has learned a lot from the group. “Before I met these men I didn’t even know I was supposed to blame myself for consent violations. It is all about taking personal responsibility.”

The workshop helps male dominants with the following:

  • Gaslighting Your Victim
  • Why He Said/She Said Always Works
  • Making Her Look Crazy: Ten Tricks To Undermine Her Mental Health
  • What New Girls Don’t Know (And How To Use That)
  • Plausible Deniability and Negotiations
  • Destroying Evidence and Covering Your Tracks
  • Getting Her To “Agree” To Anything
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