Japanese Rigger Declared “Best Thing Since Last Japanese Rigger”



Rope sensation Yen Yakitori, the 27th Japanese rope master to tour the United States in the past 3 months has been declared “The top rope artist that we have seen since the last one.”

According to event promoter and rope top Rope Master Timmy, “Yen is doing things we haven’t seen done since last month.”

For expert rigger ShibariKing, the experience of seeing Yen in person was transformative.  “After he does his hon masubi, he uses his pinky finger to touch the rope.  I had never seen that before.  He also goes left when the last person went right when doing the second wrap.  I have never seen that before.  I was like ‘Left.  Wow.  Mind blown!'”

Yakitori’s trip to the US continues throughout the next week, when he will be replaced by a completely different Japanese rigger who will offer completely revolutionary and inspirational techniques for anyone who has $500 to pay for a weekend of training.

Photo Credit: Bob Ropemarks CC: NC SA

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