Happy Kinkversary! The Daily Flogger is 7!


It all started March 11, 2014 with this story 51st Shade Found; E.L. James “Embarrassed”

Since that time, we have had millions of visitors, published 600 stories, and had a lot of fun!

It has been a lot of fun creating stories for the BDSM community and helping us not take ourselves too seriously.  It has been challenging the past few years in a political climate that often made it hard to separate parody from reality and during a pandemic that has ground most BDSM events and play to a halt.

We hope that you will stick with us through the next how ever many years we keep this going and that everyone’s sense of humor can get back to normal as we return to the world, hopefully, healthy and ready to make our dungeons, conferences, and events even more fun then they were in the past.

So wherever you are, we hope you have a smile on your face and laughter in your heart as you read our stories and join in the fun.

To quote a famous leatherman, “Sacred cows make the best hamburgers!”

Onward and upward!


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