For Male Doms “Black” is “The New Black”



For the 37th year, the Male Dominant Fashion Council met in New York City to announce the new look for this coming year.

Master Fashionista, 57, leader of the Council, offered a brief statement.

Black.  This year the color for Male Dominants is black.  We don’t really care much beyond that.  Black everything.  Shirts, shoes, boots, vests, belts, hats, caps, underwear, hoodies.  It all has to be black.

The news comes as little surprise, as 35 of the past 36 years, the council has proclaimed black to be the color for Male Dominants.

1989 marked the one year where the council suggested a deviation:  “black but with a splash of color.”

Within a month, more than half of the council had been removed in “recall elections” and replaced with people who had a better understanding of tradition.

A year later, when one of the members suggested “maybe adding in a Levi’s jacket or jeans,” he was shouted down.  Master Tim Brook, who made the suggestion, disappeared shortly thereafter.  New York Police have classified his disappearance as “unsolved” and likely the result of “foul play.”  It was later revealed that Brook had deposited a series of checks from the Levi Strauss Company.  When asked for comment, the jeans company refused to speak with us, calling the story “old news” and “not something they are interested in discussing.”

The council, which meets each year to specify acceptable fashion trends, has been a critical part of the identity of the BDSM subculture.

“Anyone who is serious about this stuff pays a lot of attention to the council,” said Master Rue, “I know I do and that crossing them never ends well.  They have been doing this a long time and they know a few things.”

photo credit: only alice cc

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