Fetlife Man has Knack for “Repeating the Obvious”



MasterWhipy has been on Fetlife almost since its inception.  “I have a very low user number,” he told The Daily Flogger, “I’m not going to say exactly what it is, but it’s 3 digits.”

MasterWhipy, who lives in his parent’s basement, claims to have mastered the art of participating on Fetlife.

“I found early on that I had a gift.  I have an opinion about everything and that opinion is usually incredibly obvious and not very insightful or useful.  It allows me to post on just about every topic and repeat things other have already said.  I just use my own words and pretend like I am the first one saying it.”

The technique has allowed the 37 year old online dominant to amass a collection of more than 5,000 “friends” and to have a number of “fetishes” dedicated to him.

Fetlife users can show their devotion to his opinions by adding the “Whipy’s Comments” fetish to their profile.  Others can choose to register their disapproval by adding either the “Whipy is an Ass” or “Killing Whipy in his sleep” fetishes.

Whipy spends his mornings “catching up on what’s kinky and popular” before composing up to 100 posts for the day.  “I usually break around noon for lunch and then get back to posting.  After dinner I start planning the next day’s posts.”

When asked about the possibility of running out of ideas for things to post, Whipy explained the genius of his approach.

“I don’t actually have to think very much.  My posts are just rehashing what has already been said over and over again.  I just use more empathetic language or combine a few things previous posters have already said.”

Photo credit: RorkusFunkster cc: by sa

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