Feminist Author Loses Bet for 37th Time



Beth Shamansky, 22 year old author and outspoken feminist, has lost her 37th bet in just the past three months. Shamansky, who is a vocal proponent of women’s rights and has been accused by many of “sparking a new gender war,” appears to also have something of a foot fetish.

“She makes these ridiculous bets and then says, ‘I am so sure that if I am wrong, I will lick your feet.'” according to long time friend Kristy McKord. “I wish she would just be open and honest about it. It is becoming more and more obvious.”

Shamansky denies the claim, saying she is “just wrong a lot. And there is nothing wrong with making mistakes. Like you just did. I have only lost 36 bets and you said 37. I am so sure I am right, I’ll lick your feet if I am mistaken.”

McKord simply said, “See?”

When asked about her fetish, Shamansky denied it. “That would just make me repressed and acting out, I would never do that kind of thing. I am too self aware.”

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