Failing Dungeons Looks For New Solutions



Facing increasing competition from local dungeons as well as many new themed “S&M” clubs following the explosion of the 50 Shades phenomenon, a local club has started to look for alternative themes to help build a customer base.

Master Kring, 58, owner of the local play spot The Pit says that revenues are down almost 70% and that most of the “regulars” who used to maintain the space and pay most of the rent have “moved on to other things.”

According to Mary Stern, a 30 year old woman, “the place just isn’t the same.  All the cool people left and the ones that stuck around are all the people you hoped you would never run into.”

One of the managers of The Pit had a different take on things.  According to Dom J, who has been working on rebuilding the clientele,  “The Pit is a huge success.  Everyone loves The Pit.  It is great.  A huge success.  Everyone loves it.”

Community members had a different set of descriptions, using words like “old” and “hackneyed.”

“The place has totally bottomed out.  Maybe they will find something new to do, but right now they are just trying to copy everyone else and it just isn’t working.”

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