DomCo Launches Sub and Slave “Walking Service”



After being cooped up in a small cage all day, slave Bryan Willis, 48, says it feels good to “stretch his legs and get a little exercise in.”  The solution?  DomCo’s new walking service where Dominants are paid by the hour to parade bound or latex clad slaves around the city.

According to Samantha Hearns, spokesperson for DomCo, the service has taken off like gang busters.

“What’s the worst part of owning a slave?” she asked.  “The tedious bits.  Washing them, feeding them, and especially taking them for walks and making sure they get enough exercise.”

Hearns admits the service was based on a successful dog walking company she had built in the San Francisco area.  “I saw lots of people into puppy play at Folsom Street Fair and the light bulb just went off,” she said.  Now she has partnered with DomCo to bring her slave and sub walking service to several metropolitan areas.

“So far we have launched in Seattle, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Orlando, and Harrisburg,” she reports.  The numbers have been staggering.  So much so that Hearns says they are having problems finding enough Dominants to meet the demand.

“We considered using switches, but we decided it against it. There is just something about them that you can’t really trust.”

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  1. I am not sure that Phila offers something like this. If right would love get involve with something like this so my city can join in with the other cities

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