BDSMers Create “Heat Index” to Measure Scenes



Kinksters in the local Washington scene have come up with a new metric to evaluate scenes and play quality at their local dungeons.  Previously scenes were limited to one dimensional descriptions and with the use of words like “hot” or “smoking.”

Working in conjunction with local weather news teams, an enterprising group of BDSM enthusiasts have created a “heat index” which combines three factors:  the quality of the play, the physical attractiveness of the participants, and degree that the play has a sexual component.

Like heat indexes that describe the weather by measuring both heat and humidity, this index adds a “feels like” component to evaluations of BDSM scenes.  For example, according to Jax Cleary, 28, one of the inventors of the new index, “you could have some so-so ropework, but if the woman is hot and there is a lot of sex, it might feel like a really hot scene, even though it is marginal technique-wise.  On the other hand, if the people are unattractive, it doesn’t really matter how skilled they are, it is just never going to feel as hot.”

While many object to characterizing scenes based on physical attractiveness of the participants, the scale seems to be working and catching on.

“It is all part of becoming more mainstream,” says Kelly King, 24.  “It’s about time I felt as insecure about my body in the dungeon as I do everywhere else.”

Photo credit: Kevin Larson CC: NC SA

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