Author Nigel Slainsbottom

Nigel Slainsbottom is a freelance writer who studied journalism for a time at New York University before accepting a coveted internship at the National Enquirer's regional desk. While at the National Enquirer he wrote his first book, "Understanding Best Communication for Overtaxed Journalist" that, unfortunately, was never published. After his time at the tabloid, Slainsbottom went on to teach at Peoria Community College, founding the oft-award wished Peoria Papers. Twelve years after joining the staff at the college, he left when the tenure committee cited inappropriate conduct. Mr. Slainsbottom stressed it was his "probing journalism" that led to his status at the lauded community college. In the last seven years Slainsbottom has been a sporadic contributor to The Daily Flogger and believes his hard-hitting journalism for the digital specialty publication deserves serious accolades.