Local Dom Stares Down Fleshlight



Local dom EVILEYE used his skills of persuasion to “give the eye” to a comely Fleshlight in his suburban Rochester home Saturday night.

“Things hadn’t gone as well as I would have liked at Cage’d, the dungeon I like to hang out at on the weekend,” said EVILEYE. “I was hoping to find some sweet young thing to get all dominant over and bring her back to the EVILAIR, but the subs there were all spoken for.” After approximately two hours of attempting to make verbal connections with women at the club, EVILEYE headed home to the self-proclaimed Evilair.

“I was pretty worked up, you know?” EVILEYE told this reporter. “I had watched a few hot scenes and really hoped to get my grope on, so when I got back to the EVILAIR–it’s allcaps, Mr. Slainsbottom–I was ready for some action, if you know what I mean.”

EVILEYE took the black anal Fleshlight from his briefs drawer and set it on the dresser. “It mocked me,” he reported. “Normally I get a girl in here but this time it was just me and L’il Tuba.” EVILEYE reported to have felt “lame and embarrassed” and decided to use his “evil eye” to “intimidate” the ersatz anus.

“After glaring at it for about 15 minutes I felt a lot better about fucking it,” EVILEYE said.

Photo credit: Come As You Are

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