Woman in Stocks Finds Experience “Not Fun Like Renaissance Faire”



Renata Marquez thought it would be fun to experience some “BDSM play” after watching women get locked into traditional wooden stocks at the local Renaissance Faire in Barstow.

“It looked fun and kind of sexy,” she told us.  “I asked my boyfriend Martin to take me to the local BDSM club and try it out and he liked the idea.”

Much to her surprise, boyfriend Martin seemed to enjoy her being locked up, alternating between tweaking her nose and roughly fondling her.

When Renata declared the experience “Not fun like the Renaissance Faire,” Martin just laughed.

“The wood was all rough and scratchy,” she complained, “and I didn’t think about not being able to use the bathroom or move around.”  The hardest part for Renata was the nose tweaking, “he knows I hate that, but he did it anyway.  Next time he wants a blow job I am just going to tweak his nose and roll over and go to sleep.”

Martin for his part is not giving up.  He bought some plans to build his own set of stocks for use at home off the internet.  “We’ll see about the blow job,” he laughed, “when I have her locked back up again.”

In spite of all the complaining Bethany Jennings, a close friend of Renata, told The Daily Flogger, “she complains a lot, but secretly she likes it.”

Mistress Diane, proprietor of the Stocks and Bondage Dungeon, agreed.  “All I know is she bought a dungeon membership on the way out for both her and her boyfriend.  I am sure we’ll be seeing them back again.”

photo credit: Leonardo Sardinha cc

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