Woman Ridiculed for “Ropespace” Comment



A woman claiming to have “years of experience in the lifestyle” was mocked and ridiculed publicly for asking where she could find the “local ropespace” and where she could find “the subspace.”

Master Winston, 52, shook his head, claiming that “no one who has years in the lifestyle would confuse psychological states like ropespace with a physical location. It’s really important that we make her feel silly and foolish for making that kind of mistake.”

KittyPlayKitten, 22, agreed. “She’s so stupid. I hate her. She doesn’t belong here. That is the problem with new people. They are stupid.”

The confused woman, 28 year old Samantha Simons, confessed that she had less experience than she claimed. “I just wanted to fit in and now I’ve gone and messed everything up. People always talk about subspace and ropespace online so I thought I would sound smart throwing the terms around.”

The new says she won’t make the same mistake again. Still unsure of herself, she asked¬†The Daily Flogger if “a munch was an actual thing or just a word to describe eating.” ¬†Afterwards she added, “Oh God, please don’t print that!”

Photo credit: Beverly Yuen Thompson cc: by nc

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