Woman moves Needle Play from “Hard” to “Soft” Limit



After witnessing a dramatic needle scene that left the crowd in awe and the flying, Kaitlyn Brown, 19, has decided it was time to move needles from a hard to a soft limit.

The move came unexpectedly, as the new had already reduced her list of 47 things she “couldn’t possibly ever do” down to 15, with needle play remaining on the hard limit list.

“It was just so beautiful and she really seemed to get high on the endorphins,” Brown said.  This isn’t the first time the young has reconsidered her play preferences.  “I never thought I would like getting peed on, but when it is the right person doing it, it can be a very spiritual experience.”

Brown is considering “doing needles” if the “right guy or gal came along and was really good at it.”  She would experiment with “maybe one or two to start with” before moving on to the dozens of needles it takes to make a more elaborate work of art.

“It is really all about the chemistry and trust,” she told The Daily Flogger.  “I trust a lot of people to hit me and tie me up, but sticking me with sharp and pointy things is a whole different thing.”

Photo credit: Madolan Greene CC: by nc sa

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