Woman Loses Count of Spanks, Master Forced to “Start Over”



No one is quite sure what happened, when Heather Yates repeated the number “48” during a discipline session at the local dungeon, “The Cellar.”

There were several gasps and quite a bit of confusion among guests.  “We were all thinking the same thing.  Did she just say 48 twice?  That just doesn’t happen with a bottom like Heather.”

Yates, 53, was being disciplined for “having a smart mouth and not being able to keep it shut,” according to her owner and master, David Krell, 55.  “50 swats on her bare ass was the punishment,” he said, “and she was to count off each one.”

Krell was surprised at the mistake. “Very out of character and to tell you the truth I was pissed.  My hand was already sore from spanking her and I didn’t really have a choice.  When the mess up, you start over from one.”

Many speculate that Yates made the mistake on purpose.  According to close friend and fellow Krista, “she had been complaining about not getting enough play lately, so maybe she just didn’t want it to stop.   I mean, you mess up on fifteen or twenty and everyone understands, but 48?  That is just suspicious.”

While many are divided, one thing is clear, Yates won’t be mouthing off to her master for the time being.

“I just gagged her until my hand stops stinging,” Krell told The Daily Flogger, “it is just easier that way.  I am getting to old for this.”

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