Woman Finds Shoes a Nutritious and Tasty Treat



After 20 years in the BDSM scene, Kimberly Proops, 43, experienced her first “foot worship and shoe fetish” scene with Mistress Fatale, 27.

“It turned out to be way hotter than I imagined and I got an added surprise. When she told me to lick her shoes, I was prepared for it to be disgusting, but I found I liked it. Well, more than liked it, it actually tasted good.”

According to Mistress Fatale, the didn’t stop at licking. “She started biting my shoes and finally took a chunk out of the heel with her teeth. She started actually eating my shoes and said they tasted delicious.”

No one was more surprised that Proops, who now buys inexpensive shoes and adds them to her meals on a daily basis. “Of course I love high heels, but they are less filling than a nice canvas based sneaker. I love keds and converse.”

Mistress Fatale finds the fetish unusual but not problematic. “I have her buy me new shoes and I spread some peanut butter or creme cheese on them to make sure she is getting her vitamins and minerals. I don’t judge.”

Photo credit: Jorge Ovin CC: NC

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