Gaza Conflict Reaches BDSM World



Palastinian refugees have begun showing up in Israeli dungeons in record numbers as tensions escalate in the West Bank.

Most of the Arab visitors have been found taking a dominant role and have delighted in whipping, torturing, spanking and binding Israeli slaves.

In response, John Kerry has started a campaign to have translations of classic BDSM works such as The Story of O and John Norman’s Gor series dropped into the occupied territories.

A spokesperson for Secretary of State said that Kerry believes “if we can get them to start hitting each other in the dungeon, rather than bombing each other in the streets, we might be able to end this conflict or at least turn it into something super hot and sexy.”

Officials from Hamas and the IDF refused comment, but did spend a long time looking at pictures and videos of Mistress Al Abdu Alikhan using a Hitachi Magic Wand on Batsheva Netanyahu, who both sides agreed was a “super sexy little minx.”

Kerry’s office told The Daily Flogger, “They thought the video was hot, so that is a start.  If you can get both sides masturbating to the same porn, I think you can start making some real progress.”

Photo Credit: wallaa astampogy


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