Submissive Sneaks Cigarette; No Consequences



Violating her “no smoking” rule, slave Gidget, 19, slipped out back of her house while her master, Gary Dubrovnick, 42, was taking a nap.

The slave, who keeps a pack of Marlboro Lights in a small box inside the shed, lit up the prohibited smoke and enjoyed herself, while keeping careful watch on the house to make sure there was no sign of activity.

Following the cigarette, the slave sprayed her clothing with Fabreeze and gargled three successive times with mouthwash.

When Master Gary awoke from his nap, she greeted him with a kiss and snuggled for 30 minutes, apparently giving no indication of her secret activities.

According to the slave “It is only breaking the rules if you get caught.”

Photo credit: Kayla Sawyer cc: by nc

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