Submissive Man Uses “Daily Affirmation” to Battle “Pathetic Worm” Stereotype



Times have been tough from Billy Krisp, a 28 year old man. “Every dungeon I go into I get called worthless, weak, stupid, and pathetic.”

What Krisp is referring to is the common practice of dominant women humiliating men by attacking their value, appearance, and especially their self esteem.

“It takes a toll,” Krisp says. “I take 15 minutes every day to look in the mirror and tell myself I am a good and worthwhile person. I recommend every do the same.”

Mistress Vera Paine, 27, agreed. “We don’t think enough about the long term damage we do to these men when we constantly humiliate them.  We really need to be more careful.  On the other hand, some of them really are pathetic losers who will never amount to anything, so in a way we are doing them a service by being honest.”

Photo credit: Ryan Sandridge CC: NC SA

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