Submissive Man Banned Following Foot Worship Gone Awry



Mistress Andrea Spanxx, 24, was left shaken and alarmed after a man, Michael Donovan, 19, grabbed hold of her feet and refused to let go during a foot worship scene gone wrong.

Ashely Kraven, 22, watched as the scene went down. “It got weird fast. Most of us had been staying away from the guy because he seemed nervous and creepy. Once he got Andrea’s boots off, he started screaming ‘they’re mine, they’re mine’ and was screaming something about cutting her feet off and putting them in a shrine.”

Cliff Orsen, the organizer of the foot party said he has never had something like this occur before. “Foot fetishists can be a little odd, but usually not dangerous. We do background checks on the guests. We are looking into how this guy slipped through out screening.”

“I know something was wrong when he wouldn’t let go,” Andrea said, “that doesn’t usually happen.”

Photo credit: Alain-Christian CC: NC SA

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