Study Finds 8 Months in Lifestyle Just Long Enough To Judge Others’ Choices



Researchers from The University of Baltimore have discovered that 8 months in the BDSM lifestyle provides enough experience and perspective to judge other peoples choices and makes one, according to the published reports “qualified to tell others how to run their lives.”

The report, which surveyed more than 10,000 BDSM practitioners found that in some rare cases subjects knew enough to render moral judgments about other people in only 6 months, while others could take up to a year. Far and away, 8 months seemed to the critical point for people to feel comfortable assessing “right and wrong for others.”

Bertha Quinn, 44, runs a local munch and agreed with the findings.  “I don’t really trust the opinion of anyone too new.  But once you have been around and heard the gossip, you kind of have developed a sense of what is acceptable and earn the right to judge others.”

Jeff Schmidt, 57, considered himself a late bloomer.  “It was  a full year for me.  But once I passed that mark, I felt really good about knowing who should be in what relationship as well as who was making bad choices.”

The results of the survey published in Nature suggest that simply knowing how others should live their lives isn’t enough; you need to tell them.

“Our research suggests that the level of satisfaction one gets from rendering these judgments is based on actually sharing them,” the study concludes.

Photo credit: British Council Russia CC: NC SA

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