Speaker Has Theory on Community Boycott of “Vicitimization” Class



Sheila Keyes, 26, was surprised to find that only three people showed up for her class on victimization at her local dungeon. The class was attended by her Master, Marv Gulick, 28, and two “friends who wanted to show her some support.”

The class, titled “It Isn’t Ever Your Fault: Embracing the Victim Mentality” was a new class for Keyes, based largely on her personal experience over the past 8 years in the BDSM scene.

The class focused on Keyes’ upbringing and the damage her parents instilled, followed by a series of detailed vignettes about everyone in the lifestyle who had ever harmed her. After a short break, the class concluded with what she called “My Five Biggest Mistakes and Why I am Not Responsible For Any of Them.”

According to Keyes, “You can always find someone to blame for your problems. It never has to be your fault. Realizing that is incredibly liberating. If you can’t find a person to blame, just blame society, racism, sexism, or someone else’s privilege.”

When asked why the class was so small, Keyes had some theories. “There are quite a few people out there who don’t want this message heard. I am sure they threatened people and made them stay away. It couldn’t possibly be anything I did. They are just out to get me. To destroy me for speaking the truth.”

Dungeon organizers blamed a lack of promotion and Keyes’ reputation in the community as a complainer.

“I think people are just sick of hearing her complain,” said Kevin Carls, owner of the dungeon. “I’m sure she’ll blame us for her class flopping. She never takes responsibility for anything.”

Photo credit: Fernanda do Canto CC: NC

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