Slave Quits, Unable to Compete with Meatloaf; Affection



Slave Mary Coombs has formally petitioned her Master, Gary Ferks, for release.  After three years of serving as a live-in slave, she has finally decided to leave the relationship out of frustration.

Ferks, 47, has lived at home with his mother for all of his life.  When Ferks had his slave moved in to the house, she wasn’t ready for what she found.

“She dotes on him.  It is more than a little hard to manage.  It has been clear since day one she didn’t want me here.  For 47 years she has been cooking for him, cleaning, making his bed every morning and treating him like a king.  There just isn’t much for me to do and when I try, she gets very passive aggressive.”

Ferk’s mother, however, doesn’t see it that way.  “Well, I guess little Miss ‘I’m a slavey slave’ is throwing another tantrum.  I guess one of us loves being a slave and one of us loves my son,” said Sheila Ferk, the dominant man’s 67 year old mother.

“Everything I try to do, she has to do better,” Coombs told The Daily Flogger, “but the worst was the meatloaf.  I made meatloaf last week and the very next day, she makes hers, which is, of course, better than mine.  He’s been loving it for all his life and mine came out a little dry.”

It was the last straw from Coombs.  “She told him she thought he might like a ‘proper meatloaf’ on Thursday night.  He didn’t say a word, he just enjoyed it.”

After dinner, Coombs returned to the couple’s room to find Mrs. Ferk refolding her sons underwear and putting it into the couple’s dresser drawers.

“I exploded,” said Coombs, “between that and the meatloaf, I needed to just get out of there.”

Mrs. Ferk explained to The Daily Flogger, “She doesn’t even know how to fold clothes.  She was going to leave uneven creases on my Gary’s underwear.  He deserves better.”

Coomb’s parting words to her former master were short but to the point.  “She doesn’t do everything for you, you know.”

“Good luck to him getting her to suck his dick.  I bet she doesn’t do that for him,” Coombs said, “at least I hope not.   Oh god.  Ewwwww.”

photo credit: sandy.redding cc

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