Man Receives “Slave Heart” in Transplant



After observing a complete reversal in behavior following a February heart transplant, Bill Rockport did a bit of investigating. Turns out the heart he’d received had previously been the internal organ of a slave-identified woman from Indiana. “We didn’t really understand what that meant–slave,” remarked Bill’s wife Sally, “but once they explained it to us, well it all made just perfect sense.”

During the course of his recovery, Bill and Sally began to notice some interesting differences in his behavior. “I was having these inexplicable urges to serve people,” said Bill. When pressed for examples about the types of service to which he was referring, Bill seemed uncomfortable, and his gaze went to the floor. “He doesn’t like to make a fuss about it,” offered Sally…”that’s been one of the biggest changes.”

The Rockports were, before Bill’s surgery, what might be referred to as a “traditional” couple. Sally did all of the housework, and Bill did none. Not so post-op. The first signs were minor, according to Sally. He was still in his recovery bed, and he is normally a terrible patient, but this time was different. “All he wanted to talk about was how I was feeling, what was going on with me,” said Sally. “I knew right away something was very different.”

The differences continue even now, as Bill is quietly moving around Sally and I while we sit chatting in their kitchen, making sure our drinks are filled, our plates are cleared, and things are generally tidy. The service that now seems to be what fulfills Bill’s soul isn’t limited to just housework, thoug. He’s also began spending a lot of time doing community volunteer work, and, again reported by Sally, apparently she’s had more orgasms in the last few months than in the forty years of marriage preceding. When asked to elaborate she blushes and giggles and says simply, “let’s just say that now he can’t seem to get enough of suckling my honey!”

When asked if she’s uncomfortable with their reversal in roles, Sally says that it took some adjustment, but not that much. “He’s been making all the decisions for years, and, as it turns out, people with slave hearts like to be told what to do, and I don’t mind telling him what to do.”

The family believes it could have been worse. As Sally told The Daily Flogger, “We are just glad it wasn’t a heart.  He doesn’t have the wardrobe for it and black really isn’t his color.”

Photo credit: Eric Schmuttenmaer cc: by sa

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